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About us

With the world, as well as the information society, witnessing more crimes than ever, it's no wonder the issue of security is of the utmost concern to everyone. The security industry is, therefore, absolutely necessary to keep us safe, and various types of video security equipment are being adapted rapidly to keep pace with today's dynamic digital era.

Traditionally, the security industry has focused on ensuring security in public facilities such as airports and buildings. However, the industry is now expanding into the home security market to meet the needs of the individual. These needs are as fundamental as people wanting their kids to be safe and happy and out of harm's way.

Samsung Electronics, one of the leading companies in the security industry, has developed and implemented cutting-edge technology applicable to both home and industry security. Examples of Samsung Electronics' significant contribution to security equipment development include products such as Smart dome camera, Digital Recording system, and web TX.

What we do as members of security business

security business is divided into two groups, the strategic marketing group and the Research and Development (R & D) group. Members of the strategic marketing group work on marketing and domestic and overseas sales, while members of the R & D group design and develop advanced security products. The R&D group recently introduced a breakthrough PRODUCTS, called web TX, that will contribute significantly to home security in the near future according to security experts.

Currently, Samsung Electronics' security products are exported all over the world and enjoy a respectable reputation. In addition, these products account for about 30% of the national market share.

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